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You Say it’s Your Birthday… #AdventuresWithBabyB

So what better way to spend your birthday than in your favorite place… The pool!

We thought about rescheduling his lesson for today, but #BabyB loves the pool so much, I thought having him at one of his favorite places would be best. Boy, was I right! Being the pool is exactly where he wanted to be.

As a special birthday treat, #BabyB received a postcard in the mail from Goldfish Swim School wishing him a happy birthday and letting him pick out a special treat from the snack area. He also received a ribbon congratulating him on swimming on his birthday. He was super stoked.

Did you know Goldfish Swim School hosts birthday parties? How fun would it be to have a pool party?!?!

Here are the details:

Lifelong Memories for Kids 4 months to 12 yearsNothing says “party” like a 90-degree swimming pool decked out exclusively for a special little boy or girl on their special day. For parents, nothing says “easy” like having the Goldfish team handle all the details and cleanup.

Please see swim lesson fees for party pricing and duration. Price includes up to 24 children. One party coordinator and two certified lifeguards will be provided to help with your party. Extra lifeguards will be required for parties over 24 children.

Our special party package gives you:

  • Two hours of private access to the facility
  • Certified lifeguards on duty to oversee all pool activities
  • Invitations with a map to our facility and matching envelopes
  • Table coverings, plates, cups, napkins, and forks
  • Balloons, tropical decorations & centerpieces
  • Cupcakes and beverages for the children
  • Goldfish T-shirt for the birthday child

*Please note:

  • A non-refundable deposit is required for all parties.
  • An adult must be in the water with each child that cannot swim independently.


Reserve your party today by pre-registering online or call us at (317) 810-0790 for more information!

Then There Were Two… Swimming with #BabyB


#BabyB playing before class

Not sure what was in the air tonight, but it was just #BabyB and one other baby in his swim class.  Usually we have five or six total. Class was still fun, #BabyB still pulled his usual shenanigans of not sitting on the wall when we was supposed to, stealing the other baby’s toy, and refusing to relax while floating.  The plus side, though, is that he is really getting comfortable in the water.

If you think you baby is going  to learn the back stroke in an infant/toddler swim class, you have the wrong idea. This class is about getting used to the


BabyB at the fish tank

water and water safety.  #BabyB can now hold on to the wall without falling back in the water and he can also pull himself out of the pool (with little help). Those are huge milestones!  He kicks his feet when you say kick and he pulls the water when you tell him to swim. He puts his face in the water, and he isn’t scared to jump in. He loved water before swim lessons, but now he has a better understanding of how to take care of himself in the water.

Sharing the story of Goldfish Swim School is so much fun. What are you waiting for? Get going! Visit https://goldfishswimschool.com/ to learn more.img_36991